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We focus on solutions. We are experts in helping businesses of any size or industry manage their workplace health and safety responsibilities.

  • Over 1,000 safety templates, forms & checklists available

  •  Authority published books, guides & infographics

  •  Affordable solutions designed for micro, small and medium businesses

  • Hire our safety expert on an adhoc basis to work in your business as a cost-effective solution to support and assist with legislative compliance requirements and best practice systems.

​WHS Management Systems

​A WHS Management System (WHSMS) is a formal framework for a coordinated and systematic approach to managing health and safety risks. It is not a software system, but is sometimes supported by one.

It helps organisations to continually improve their safety performance and compliance to health and safety legislation and standards. In doing so, they establish safer working environments that protect people at work by eliminating, or better managing, health and safety hazards.   An effectively designed and implemented WHS Management System helps a business to:

  • Create a safer work environment

  • Reduce injuries and injury-related costs

  • Verify WHS performance

  • Demonstrate legal compliance

  • Enhance reputation (employer of choice)

  • Improve safety culture &  performance

Research shows that there are clear links between good WHS management systems and long-term business efficiency.  A workplace health and safety management system is essential for providing workers with the necessary tools to help them work safely.  This includes:

  •  Policies and plans that communicate and direct the business health and safety behavioural and cultural expectations

  • Direction and guidance to ensure a consistent approach to matters affecting health and safety

  • Relevant health and safety documentation in the form of safe operating procedures, templates, forms, induction material, risk assessments

 There are five steps to an effective WHSMS, and these steps form a continual cycle of improvement:

  1. Top management commitment and policy

  2. Planning

  3. Implementation

  4. Measurement and evaluation

  5. Review and improvement

We are experts in developing, implementing, reviewing and improving WHS Management Systems. This includes management systems that are certified to national and international Standards such as AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001.  We help your business:

  • Understand your Risk Exposure

  • Identify Compliance Obligations

  • Determine Safety Objectives and Targets

  • Develop WHS Management Plans

WHS Management Plans

A WHS Management Plan is an important document that can act as a roadmap and guide to your safety management system.  Reviewed regularly, it becomes and important tool to ensure you safety planning and objectives are on track.  It provides your employees with a point of reference to help them understand how all the various elements of your system work together to ensure a safe workplace.

We have developed, implemented, reviewed and improved hundreds of WHS Management Plans from listed companies to small businesses, from mining to take-away cafes.  Most important however, is that we build the WHS Management Plan to suit your business – based on industry, product, objectives, size and location.

Generally, the WHS Management Plan covers the businesses position on:

  • WHS objectives and targets

  • Legislative compliance obligations

  • Safety leadership

  • Recruiting, training and ensuring competency of workers

  • Operational requirements such as safe operating procedures

  • Management of hazards and risks

  • Working with contractors and suppliers

  • Incident management, investigation and behavioural analysis

  • Managing change affecting health and safety

  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work programs

  • Management of emergencies and crisis

A WHS Management Plan can cover the whole business or just one particular activity.  For example, construction projects are required to have a site based WHS Management Plan also known as a Construction Safety Plan.

No matter what needs you WHS Management Plan must satisfy, we can help. Not just the overarching manual that pulls all the system elements together, but the underlying documents, templates and forms too, but we always keep the plans simple and practical to suit the way you and your workers operate.

Together with the WHS Management Plan we can also help you develop:

  • Hazard and Risk Registers

  • Construction Safety Plans

  • Emergency Management Plans

  • Critical Incident Plans and Procedures

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Safe Operating Procedures

  • Safe Work Method Statements

  • Risk Assessments

  • Contractor Management Plans

Health and Safety Inspections

Workplace inspections can take many forms, but essentially their purpose is to gain information about health and safety performance.  Inspections can be informal or undertaken against a schedule of times and places.  They may look for health and safety issues associated with specific tasks, work areas or equipment and can be undertaken by anyone within a business.

For example:

Inspector Inspection Type Category
Safety Advisor Scheduled Monthly Hazard Inspection Plant
Safety Representative Post-incident inspection Work Area
Manager Annual Process Safety Review Process
Work Group Hazard Hunt – Weekly Work Area

We can help develop your WHS inspection schedules, tools such as checklists and corrective action forms as well as train your employees how to conduct inspections and how to identify hazards.

Health and Safety Inspections

Auditing can determine whether a business is meeting its legislative requirements.  It is an official, independent inspection of examination of a workplace system, process, task or equipment.  Often auditing is conducted by third parties external to the business so that the findings can be shown as transparent, open and impartial.

The benefits of auditing include:

  • Supporting continuous improvement
  • Identifying legislative non-conformances
  • Increasing workplace awareness of procedures and internal standards
  • Demonstrating due diligence with WHS duties
  • Showing a commitment to workplace health and safety

Auditing is about finding what is right with your system, not what is wrong with it.

We use a variety of inspection and audit techniques including:

  • Trisafe QLD Management System Audit
  • SafetyMap
  • AS/NZS 4801 OHS Management System Specification
  • OHSAS 18001 OHS Management System Requirements
  • NAT – National Self-Insurance Audit Tool
  • SafePlan – Local Government Audit Tool

Annual Safety System Management Reviews

The Australian Standard for safety management systems requires that senior management within the business conduct an annual review of the system to make sure it still meets the needs of the business of the system to make sure it still meets the needs of the business.  No matter whether you have a certified or un-certified safety management system, conducting an annual review makes good business sense.     It can help you determine budget allocations, improvement opportunities or identify potential weaknesses in your system that may cause you to be non-compliant with safety laws.

However, how do you collate, analyse and report on a wealth of parameters and information collected over the whole year.  We can help provide the experience and skills to prepare a report that matches the requirements of the Standard and adds real value to your health and safety decision making.  You can provide us with your data or we can help you collect the data within your business.  Our reports include:

  • Analysis of safety performance objectives,  targets and outcomes

  • WHS Management System status, maturity and gaps

  • Management of Hazards and Risks

  • Compliance with legal obligations

  • Incident reporting and analysis

  • Analysis of workplace audits and inspections

  • Status of WHS improvement projects and initiatives

  • WHS and Compliance training conducted

  • Status and effectiveness of the Injury management and Rehabilitation Program

  • Changed business circumstances affecting health and safety

  • Budget analysis

  • Non-Compliances, improvement opportunities and recommendations


“In relation to the WHS Management System Review Report that Paul authored for City of Gold Coast, we believe this is most comprehensive and sophisticated management review report that we have ever seen. It should be a benchmark template for the Australian Standard 4801”

Health and Safety Improvement Programs

Finding the resources, time, skills and budget to focus on health and safety improvement programs can be difficult for many employers.  Often your internal safety managers or advisors dont have the time or skills to focus on delivering a specific project where you may be either non-compliant or just need to improve your due diligence for a particular activity.

We have helped many businesses overcome this challenge by letting us take care of your safety improvement project.  From the initial Project Inception through to Delivery and Completion you will enjoy a professional, cost-effective solution that adds immediate value to your health and safety strategy. 

We can even work on your behalf with government regulators like Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or Department of Environment & Heritage Protection in the event they need regular

progress reports or communication as part of enforcement orders, improvement notices or in support of an investigation.

Combining our comprehensive, expert knowledge of safety legislation and standards together with the latest best practices we will develop a solution within your budget that is customised to your needs and delivered on time.  We can structure the project delivery in stages too so your budget, workload factors, other projects or worker availability is taken into account.

A project can be a simple as authoring of a particular procedure (eg Alcohol and Other Drugs Plan) to the development, implementation, training and review of a complex operational system or process (eg Contractor Management Process).

 Just a selection of projects we have experience with include:

  • Safety by Design

  • Noise Management

  • Asbestos Management

  • Isolated / Lone Workers

  • Job Dictionary / Injured Worker Information Pack

  • Confined Space Management

  • Risk Management

  • Hazardous Substances Management

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Management Plan

  • Liquor Licensing and Risk Assessed Management Plans

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks

  •  Management System Documents – Cloud Access Deployment and safety intranets/Websites

  • Contractor Management

  • Management of Firearms

  •  Plant & Equipment Management

  •  Fire & Emergency Compliance

  • Training Needs Analysis & Training Course Design

  • Development of Strategic Plans, WHS Management Plans, Safe Operating Procedures & Templates (SWMS/JSA’s/Risk Assessments/Hazard Inspections)

Workplace Health and Safety Consultation Arrangements

Workplace consultation, co-operation and co-ordination on safety matters with workers not only makes good business sense, but is enshrined in legislation.  There is a direct link between worker participation in health and safety matters that may affect them and reduced injury rates.  Workers also have a right to take part in consultation arrangements and to be represented on health and safety matters.

Greater awareness and commitment arises when employers consult their workers when:

  • Identifying hazards and assessing risks in the workplace

  • Making decisions about how to eliminate or minimise risks

  • Proposing changes that may affect the health and safety of workers

  • Making decisions about consultation processes, issue resolution, health and workplace monitoring and providing information and training

  • When conducting incident investigations

  • Analysis of safety performance objectives,  targets and outcomes

  • WHS Management System status, maturity and gaps

  • Management of Hazards and Risks

  • Compliance with legal obligations

  • Incident reporting and analysis

  • Analysis of workplace audits and inspections

  • Status of WHS improvement projects and initiatives

  • WHS and Compliance training conducted

  • Status and effectiveness of the Injury management and Rehabilitation Program

  • Changed business circumstances affecting health and safety

  • Budget analysis

  • Non-Compliances, improvement opportunities and recommendations

Unfortunately the legislation is very prescriptive in the rules regarding consulting with  workers and setting up either formal or informal arrangements within your workplace.

We help you meet your legislative obligations by facilitating a range of activities including:

Health & Safety Representatives (HSR’s)

  • We are accredited by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) to deliver the 5 day course to your representatives

  • We can also help coordinate the formation of Work Groups and the election of HSR’s

  • Where disputes arise between an employer and HSR’s or Work Groups we can provide mediation and resolution services to enable all parties to come to a mutual agreement

 Health & Safety Committees (HSC’s)

  • Development of workplace HSC’s including Governance, Charters and Responsibilities

  • Develop agendas, reporting lines and communication of information

  • Facilitation of workplace elections and appointments to the HSC

  • Training of HSC members in their duties and responsibilities

  • Training of the Chair of the committee in due diligence, governance, record keeping and meeting conduct

Contractor Safety Management

Contractor Coordination

Workplaces that have multiple employers and workers on site need to undertake joint consultation with one another in relation to health and safety arrangements. For example, the primary contractor for a construction project will have various sub-contractors working on the site and needs to coordinate health and safety holistically.

We can help develop the protocols you use to manage this consultation such as when it will take place, how and who with, what issues or subjects will be discussed and what role HSR’s and Committees can play in the coordination.

Safety Incident Investigation

With over 25 years’ experience investigating all types of workplace incidents you can be assured you are getting the best objective and unbiased results for your investigation spend.  This includes:

  • Health and Safety Incidents – including near hits and catastrophic injuries or failures

  • Human Resource Investigations – including bullying, interpersonal issues, systemic failures, behavioural and cultural

  • Workers Compensation Investigation – Statutory Law and Common Law claims

  • Root Cause Analysis

We use a range of contemporary investigation methods to gather and analyse the facts to ensure you get to the underlying causes of an incident such as:

  • Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM)

  • TapRoot

  • 5-Whys

  • Ishikawa

  • Bow-Tie

Clients we have conducted investigations for include all levels of Government and international companies such as Centrelink, Border Protection/Customs, Child Support Agency, NSW Police Force, Comcare, every Australian listed Insurance Company, Anglo-Coal, BHP, Brambles, Environmental Protection Agency, Telstra and more.

Many of our clients keep us on retainer to provide an immediate incident and investigation response capability on their behalf.

We can provide incident management and investigative services right from the moment an incident happens to post-incident debrief, investigation and improvement recommendations.  Specifically, these services include:

  • Incident scene attendance and preservation of evidence

  • Witness interviews and collation of factual evidence

  • Undertake regulatory notification requirements

  • Liaise with State and National regulators

  • Incident De-briefs

  • Determine legal obligations and duty of care

  • Assess public and workplace liability

  • Media management and media statements

  • Examination of physical evidence such as plant, equipment and incident

  • scene

  • Preparation of evidence for forensic examination

  • Conduct interviews –  informal, narrative, taped, record of interview

  • Scale Sketch Plans

  • Photographic and videographic evidence collection

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Observations, recommendations and corrective/preventive actions

  • Development of incident reporting, management and investigation documents, forms and templates

  • Investigation Training – Awareness, Basic, Supervisors/Managers and Advanced levels


 ” In 2014, a National Law Firm and a major contributor to the development of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, recommended to the second largest Council in Australia with 3,500 employees that the investigative methodology and reporting systems that we developed  on their behalf “be adopted and implemented by the City as the standard operating procedure for the conduct of all workplace investigations to ensure they remain compliant with the Act”.

AllSafe.Zone – Safety Advisory Services

Most businesses are keen to ensure they comply with health and safety legislation and would like regular monitoring and advice of their safety systems.  Usually this would require employing a full time worker for this role, or putting additional burden on another staff member, perhaps one that does not have core health and safety skills or qualifications. 

Our AllSafe.Zone Safety Advisory Service may be what you are looking for.

“For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day we can provide your business with an outsourced Safety Adviser Solution that is scalable, customisable , affordable and packed with value added services. “

You may just need a & phone a friend ; type service for those times where you need professional advice or you may need regular site visits, auditing or assistance with improvement programs.  We can help. The level of service we can provide is far reaching and more feature packed than many businesses with a whole health and safety department.

We are experts in supporting all types of businesses with their WHS needs, so you can be assured the highest level of service, the right advice and a direct line into changes in legislation or practices.  By offering various levels of service, YOU have the choice on what you do or don’t need which of course keeps your costs down.

Your business can have a highly qualified and experienced Safety Advisor on-call 24/7. 

Depending on your plan you also have Unlimited Email, Telephone and SMS support for all your safety questions, concerns and needs – whether you are in the office, on-site, working remotely or on a mobile device anywhere in the world. 

We cater for micro business / sole traders to SME’s and large corporates.

Now that’s the level of service you deserve……….

Just some of the amazing features include:

  • Safety consultancy services
  • Unlimited advice by email
  • On-Site hazard identification and assessment included
  • Updates to legislation (and interpretation for what it means to you)
  • Discounts on other services and training
  • Attendance at worker toolbox meetings
  • Onsite WHS support
  • Liaison with safety inspectors

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