Risk Management


  • Business Continuity Planning & Impact Analysis

  • Incident, Recovery, Emergency & Crisis Management Plans

  • Incident Support Solutions & Investigation


  • Enterprise Risk Management Systems

  • Small Business Risk Advisory Service

  • Risk Assessment, training & testing

  • Security Risk Vulnerability Assessment

  • Fraud Control Processes & Systems

  • Workplace Fraud & Theft Investigation


  • Interactive, fun & relevant training

  • Online or classroom delivery by a national award winner

  • Customised to your business

Managing business risks, instead of being a simple, well understood and adopted process in your workplace, has become a complicated, confusing and even hated aspect of running a business. adopting a risk management approach to doing business is even enshrined in legislation and best practice standards.

Many business owners do not realise any benefit from managing risks to their business because they often struggle to operationalise their enterprise risk management plans. Often this is because they take a top down instead of a bottom up approach. You may have a fancy risk manual sitting on the CEO’s shelf, but if front line employees no nothing about it or don't adopt it, then it becomes useless or worse it becomes all about the process instead of the results.

‘Operationalisation of risk management is not about simplicity, it’s about ‘effective adoption’

-that is, providing effective tools that will be adopted and then used by your workers. At CSR.expert, we have significant experience, knowledge and skills to help any business:

  • Understand the nature of their business risks

  • Manage those risks

  • Ensure risk management is interpreted and adopted at all levels of the business

We understand that business owners must determine what level of risk to their business they are willing to accept – for without taking some risks, most businesses will fail.

We have undertaken simple risk assessments for small businesses and built entire Enterprise Risk Management Systems to the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Standard for heavily regulated corporates.

We can also integrate all of your existing management systems- for example, Safety, Environmental, Quality, Risk and Compliance.

Just some of the types of business risks we can help you manage include:

Physical risks: Damage to equipment and buildings.

Security: Cyber security, deliberate attacks from adversaries, theft and fraud.

Financial: Increase in interest rates, foreign exchange changes, bad debts, decrease in income.

Legal risks: Customer or employee lawsuits, non-compliance with regulations.

Market risks: Global financial crises, changes in government policies or laws, increased competition.

Natural events: Fires, floods, earthquakes, cyclones.

Human resource risks: Loss of valuable employees through injuries, illness, retirement, poor retention, pandemic.

Intangible risks: Damage to reputation or decline in morale.

To learn more about our services in

  • Business Risk Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks

  • Certified Risk Management Systems to ISO AS/NZS 31000:2009 standard

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