Health & Safety Book Hits No 3 in Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers List

It’s not every day you wake up to find a book you’ve written hit third place in the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list for your niche category. But, How to Manage Health & Safety Risks…Easily! has done that.

 Hence my not so humble, or self-deprecating post – possibly giving credence to a narcissistic personality. (Hello Gen Z’s)

 It has however given me renewed confidence and stamina to finish Book 3 of the series and is just a few weeks away from publication. The Safety Made Simple series was developed to help give practical advice and tools to small and medium sized business owners, health and safety students, supervisors and employees.

 As a way of keeping me honest and on track with my writing, I will share the series outline with you:

 Book 1 – How to Follow Health & Safety Rules…Easily! (Available here on Amazon)

 Book 2 – How to Manage Health & Safety Risks…Easily! (Available here on Amazon)

 Book 3 – How to Lead the Safety Talk…Easily! (Available on Amazon Aug 2016)

 Book 4 – How to Build Health & Safety Systems…Easily!

 Book 5 – How to Investigate Health & Safety Incidents…Easily!

Interestingly, Book 1 is currently sitting at No 25 in my Amazon niche so there is some hope it will progress over coming months.

 After recently finishing some articles for Cairns RSL Sub-Branch, there are also a few more books, online training courses and written resources in the pipeline but you can visit my blog here for future updates.

 Have you ever thought about writing a non-fiction book on a subject you are passionate about and have considerable knowledge on? If so, feel free to contact me and discuss how you are progressing. I would be happy to give you some tips that has helped me along the way.

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