Business Compliance

Regulatory Compliance 

  • Compliance Checks & Gap Analysis against Legislation

  • Identify and Interpret Compliance Obligations

  • Develop Compliance Registers & Processes

  • Compliance Training & Mentoring

  • Provision of Compliance Resources & Templates

  • Workplace compliance investigations

  • Specialist Outsourcing Services –Compliance Adviser

  • Develop and implement Governance systems

  • Provide templates, forms, documents and plans

Specific Industry Compliance Checks:

  • Construction

  • Hospitality

  • Liquor Licensing

  • Health & Aged Care Providers

  • Medical Practices

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Registered Training Organisations

It just makes good business sense to be compliant with the various laws and licensing requirements that regulate your particular industry.

However, how does the average business owner know where to start?  How do you keep up to date and informed when the rules change?  What can you do when a Government regulator finds you non-compliant?

We are experts at helping both small and large businesses become or remain compliant with various laws and regulations at an affordable price.

In simple terms, when we refer to ‘Business Compliance’ it just means a business following any relevant laws, industry standards and internal policies and procedures that has been decided may impact upon the business, employees, customers or the public.  Essentially, the objective of Business Compliance is to ensure that a business acts responsibly in regard to their obligations.

Australia has an overwhelming amount of laws, regulations, standards, codes and licensing requirements all being overseen by various Federal, State or Local Government agencies.  Non-Compliance with just one of these requirements could result in prosecution, fines, business interruption or loss of reputation for both the business and the business owner/officers.  Compliance is no longer just reserved for the corporate governance of the business but also all operational aspects too.

The challenge for business owners is identifying what they have to be compliant with for their particular business – and then putting in systems and the culture to manage their ongoing compliance.  Not an easy task when you are also focused on building your business and providing exemplary customer service.

If you want to ensure effective business compliance, there are three key things you must do:

Identify what your ‘compliance obligations’ are based on your type of business, size and location.

Introduce a ‘Compliance Management System’ based on a recognised standard such as AS/ISO 19600.

Use our services  to help support you whilst undertaking steps 1 and 2 above.

What we can do for you:

  • Compliance checks & gap analysis against legislation

  • Identify and interpret compliance obligations

  • Develop compliance registers & processes

  • Compliance advice, training & mentoring

  • Provision of compliance resources & templates

  • Workplace compliance investigations

  • Specialist outsourcing services –Compliance Adviser

  • Review, develop and implement Governance systems

  • Develop, implement and train staff on policies and procedures

  • Provide templates, forms, documents and plans

  • Specific industry compliance checks

    • Construction

    • Retail

    • Hospitality

    • Liquor Licensing

    • Health & Aged Care Providers

    • Medical Practices

    • Real Estate Agencies

    • Registered Training Organisations

    • Local Government and Regulatory Authorities

Industry compliance services

Liquor Licensing & Food Safety

With over 30 years hospitality and compliance experience, we are experts at helping small businesses remain and become compliant with liquor licensing and Food Safety laws.

Prepare and submit initial or updated liquor license applications for cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants

Development of Risk Assessed Management Plans (RAMPS)

Preparation of scale plans, diagrams and photographic evidence

Develop Community Impact Statements and undertake community stakeholder engagement

Inspection of licensed premises to determine compliance status and improvements

Review of licensed premises security arrangements, noise control, food safety, RSA and RSG provisions

Commercial property risk, safety and compliance inspections

Development of risk management processes (HACCP) for food safety

Registered Training Organisations

We have extensive knowledge and intellectual property relating to Registered Training Organisations.  This includes undertaking preparation work for ASQA, DETE and CRICOS compliance audits, building RTO compliance management systems and reviewing, mapping and validating resources and assessments.

Our team includes RTO technical resource writers, RTO compliance specialists, Business Analysts and an RTO ex-CEO to support the following services we offer:

Conducting desktop gap analysis of the business against 2015 ASQA standards, DETE and VET best practices

Review all RTO policies and procedures, work flow processes and key strategic and operational documentation maintained by the organisation

Provision of a detailed Current Status and Gap Analysis Report with rectification recommendations against 2015 ASQA Standards and RTO Best Practice standards

Development of business improvement action plans based on our findings

Implement business improvement action plans with relevant team members and monitoring the successful implementation

Pre-audit, map, validate and moderate training and assessment resources from units of competency for each qualification on Scope

Prepare and implement mapping, validation and moderation tools

Prepare, implement and facilitate mapping, validation and moderation sessions with staff

Develop/update RTO administrative and operational documentation required by ASQA, mapping to the 2015 ASQA standards – such as training plans, training and assessment strategies, student handbook, enrolment documentation

Develop premium example units of competency for ASQA scope submission

Develop and implement staff professional development tools such as trainer/assessor matrix, professional development template, currency template, meeting agendas and minutes templates

Conduct scheduled third party desktop reviews of the training organisation to ensure compliance, improvement and suitability with business and regulatory oversight requirements

Facilitate an annual and/or pre-audit review of the training organisation to identify any improvement opportunities or forward actions plans


We have a track record for helping licensed Brothels ensure they comply with the requirements of the PLA and the Act.  We have helped prevent the forced closure of Brothel premises by the PLA through the services we can provide which span across three key areas:

Legislative – Knowing what laws you have obligations under and how to comply with those laws

Governance – Knowing what key business tools you need in place to comply with legislation

Operations – Knowing what key policies, procedures and processes you need to have in place to comply with governance requirements

This involves involves reviewing compliance documentation, licence conditions, operational plans, practices and procedures against the relevant legislation and industry best practice.

We can conduct on-site and desktop reviews on your behalf and provide a confidential report of how you rate in terms of compliance with PLA Guidelines, various legislative Acts and your licence conditions.

Where gaps are identified, we can help you develop the necessary documentation, training and practices to ensure you do comply and will pass audit or inspection by the PLA.

We can develop induction and refresher training programs for your Approved Managers and Service Providers. We are specialists in the preparation of key brothel compliance requirements such as:

  • Compliance Statement & Manual

  • Operations Plan

  • Employment Agreements

  • Deeds of Licences

  • Training manuals

  • Policies & Procedures

For a summary map of how we can support you at the 3 levels of legislation, governance and operations visit here.

Compliance Resources & Templates

We have hundreds of compliance related resources to support your business.  Our range includes procedures, guidelines, plans, work instructions, fact sheets, training resources, powerpoint presentations, templates and forms that can be customised to your own needs.

For example, in our brothel specific package, we have procedures and work instructions for WHS, Alcohol, Drugs, Advertising & Marketing, Records, Security, Injury reporting, Complaints, Sexual Health, Waste Disposal, First Aid, Laundry, Approved Manager Induction, Service Provider Induction.

General Compliance documentation includes examples and templates for:

  • Workplace Policies

  • Operational Plans

  • Induction & Competency Assessment

  • Compliance Manuals

  • Risk Management Plans

and many more….

Compliance Training & Coaching

We ensure all of our compliance training is relevant to your particular business.  We train in VET units of competency, training for relevant licenses, regulated training and customised short courses and personal coaching or mentoring.  Competency training currently available includes:

  • Registered Manager of Licensed Venues – RMLV (OLGR Approved Course) 

  • Food Safety Supervisor (ASQA Approved Course)

  • Health & Safety Representative (WHSQ Approved Course)

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol – RSA  (ASQA Approved Course)

  • Provided Responsible Service of Gambling – RSG (ASQA Approved Course)

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