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About Paul Gear

Compliance Safety Risk Expert

A National and State health and safety award winning business manager, HSEQ consultant, safety trainer and author, Paul has enjoyed a diverse career across many industries. As a serving member of two military forces, he worked alongside special forces, has been shot at by rebels, rescued women and children adrift on the South China Sea and served in many of the world’s worst hotspots. He has been a private investigator and a covert surveillance specialist for several State and Federal Government departments. He has over 20 years’ experience in business management and has consulted or worked for SME’s, large corporations and Government entities in Australia and internationally. He now operates his Compliance Safety consultancy from Far North Queensland servicing all of Australia and South-East Asia including PNG and Pacific regions.

He is passionate about making workplaces compliant with relevant laws, safe for the people who work and interact with the business and reducing business risks through good, pragmatic management practices.

He uses a combination of cultural change, management systems and sometimes head-strong determination together with pragmatism and common sense to achieve objectives. His aim is to simplify the unnecessary complexity in workplace processes and business bureaucracy so that business owners can focus on their core customer service or product.

Military service and over 20 years in business has taught Paul the objective is everything, how you achieve it and the journey you take is second. He has taken that philosophy into his business consultancy and his clients have benefited greatly from this approach. The accolades, awards, testimonials and peer respect he receives are a product of his steadfast commitment and dedication to client service.

His overriding mission is always Strategic Direction to Operational Delivery.

We are highly respected, professional business providers with a vast skill set and experience base for delivering and integrating achievable, practical business management solutions that support and mentor organisations of all sizes.

We ensure that businesses are compliant with legislation, that staff are well trained and motivated and the business provides value to their customers.

We achieve this through a collaborative consultation model that combines best practice, legislative compliance, technological innovation and good business strategy.

We assist and support organisations in getting things done through people based upon processes and systems.  Our consulting services, document templates and resources have been designed to equip and empower organisations with the knowledge and skills required to integrate practical business  solutions into their day-to- day working environment.

Our Benefits

For Your Business –

  •  Demonstration of commitment to business growth and people

  •  Clear communication of expectations and requirements

  • Compliance with legislative obligations and laws

  •  Assists in the achievement of Organisational goals

  • Increased productivity & profitability

  • Increased motivation, satisfaction and participation

  • Business credibility

For You –

  • Education on the businesses procedures and their application

  • Empowerment to resolve issues immediately

  • Provides guidelines on management practices

  • Provides best practice systems to follow

For Your Employees –

  • Demonstrates commitment to the employment relationship

  • Involvement in the attainment of business objectives

  • Understanding of business expectations and policies

  • Greater job satisfaction and security

Our Clients

Registered Training Organisations, Gas & Oil, Mining, Manufacturing, Defense, Utilities, Construction, Transport, Maritime, Aviation, Government, Hospitality/Entertainment, Professional & Trade Services .

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